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Національна спілка кінематографістів України

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Ukraine culture and films have been at the heart of European culture for centuries and film since film was invented.


We wish to support the incredible film community of Ukraine by building a major film festival. PTAKH – UKRAINE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL will launch in Brighton and Sussex in late January 2023 around Ukraine Unity Day and then move on to London in February and then tour.

Nataliya Valda is the curator of this festival. For many years a leading figure in Kyiv’s film community she arrived in the UK after a tortuous 2500 mile road trip over 26 days with her cat and her daughter! Sounds like a movie! Using her personal knowledge she has assembled a wonderful selection of films and many beautiful cinemas and venues will be showing them. So many people have got behind PTAKH - Ukraine International Film Festival already, but we need much more. If you can help with publicising or funding or logistics or want to get involved in any way e mail or call me or Nataliya. AT NO TIME HAS CULTURE EVER BEEN MORE IMPORTANT FOR UKRAINE Best wishes

Bill Smith – Latest CIC bill@thelatest.co.uk. Nataliya Valda – Valmedia valmedia.film@gmail.com PATRONS & SUPPORTERS: